Images of Our Show and Results 2013













Non MG classic of choice   J Hollins VW Beetle FFW 679L
MG of choice in car park   J Staniforth MGF T11 JON
Long distance award   I Newbould MGB Roadster VOD 617R
Best club stand   Lune & Wyre    
All MGB Roadsters 1st G Brotherston MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper HUE 688D
  2nd M Martin MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper MPG 313L
All MGB GTs 1st K Fenwick MGB GT Rubber Bumper ETA 588T
  2nd J Little MGB GT VCP 913S
All MG Midgets 1st S Carter MG Midget Chrome Bumper FKJ 329L
  2nd J Jones MG Midget Chrome Bumper SNV 35V
All MGC & MGC GT 1st L Oxley MGC GT AUK 73H
  2nd J Mitchell MGC Roadster CBH 49F
Pre 1940 MG 1st D Lloyd MG WH 4594
All MGA 1st M Wilson MGA Roadster 1500 829 YUJ
All MGB Roadsters 1st L Redshaw MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper XRO 433F
All MG Midgets 1st P Reek MG Midget Chrome Bumper YYO 4
  2nd M Oriel MG Midget Chrome Bumper NAL 190E
MG 1100/1300 1st G Stephenson MG Montego Turbo C55 VAZ
MGF /MGTF 1st P Bickerdyke MGTF 115 FIL 6025
  2nd N Wyatt MGTF 160 YYO3 FFN
RV8 1st R Arnold MG RV8 L161 OET
  2nd M Braithwaite MG RV8 G6 MGR
All Other Modern MGs 1st S McNulty MG ZT 160+ UCZ 2391
MG ZR - judged by MG ZR Club 1st M Dennis MG ZR R20 MGD
  2nd D Thomas MG ZR P18 DJT
PREMIER CONDITION 1st T Bolton MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper HYN 911K
  2nd B Malone MG Midget Rubber Bumper HHD 794W
PREMIER CONCOURS 1st V Edge MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper BKB 999B
  2nd J Northcott MGA Roadster PAS 968
  2nd L Hey MGA Roadster 1500 RSL 719
T Type   L Davy MG TD 892 UXP
MGA   M Wilson MGA Roadster 1500 829 YUJ
MGB-GT-V8 - Chrome Bumper   B Sargeant MGB Roadster Chrome Bumper 980 WTX
MGB-GT-V8 - Rubber Bumper   K Fenwick MGB GT Rubber Bumper ETA 588T
MG Midget Chrome Bumper   M Stanley MG Midget Chrome Bumper MCH 989D
MG Midget Rubber Bumper   J Jones MG Midget Rubber Bumper OHA 232W
CAR OF THE SHOW   G Wilson MG VA Tourer AHS 87