I’ve had my Teal Blue MGB Roadster - GUM 444 K - from new. I bought it on April 26th 1972 in a window

between reduction of purchase tax and BL price increase.

The rollbar was fitted shortly after helping turn a Midget back onto its wheels at Harewood when I did Sprints and Hill Climbs

for a couple of years in the late 70’s before settling down…

 We took it on our honeymoon in 1978 and I used it daily until 1983, when I abandoned it in our garage.

An ultimatum to do it up or sell it coincided with a peak in values, so I put it back on the road in 1988 with 76,000 miles on the clock, new sills, wings and a quick re-spray. 

It’s now done 90,000 miles and comes out only on dry days when we can drive with the top down

 - as we did on the club’s Start up Run - Daffs to Slaughter in April 2009 when the photo was taken.