MGB ROADSTER Chrome bumper

My 1973 car was imported from California by Murray Scott Nelson in 1997 from whom I purchased it as a donor car to restore

with a friend who has a car body repair business.

The USA regulation air pollution equipment on the engine was discarded and a complete overhaul carried out, to the engine, overdrive and gearbox.

I converted the car to right hand drive with a new steering column and rack, and decided to retain the side lights and also the 3 screen wipers.

The body was in good shape generally and only required relatively minor surgery, so after stripping out to the bare shell the body was prepared and resprayed BRG.

Total restoration and rebuild was completed in 18months and rubber hit the road in March 1999.

 I tax the car for the full year and aim to use it regularly, never when the roads are treated with salt however.

I carry out a yearly winter maintenance programme to keep it in as reliable and good condition as possible.

So over the last 10 years motoring has been and continues to be a great joy to both of us and hopefully for many years to come.