May 2019


Start Up Run


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Three cars out of  eighteen on our start up run. A Morgan that replaced an ageing MGBGT,

a rubber bumper MGB recently re-imported from South Africa by two new members and the MGB

in which the Chair and Secretary were on honeymoon just 41 years ago.

Chevin Hotel provided an excellent venue for both coffee and lunch.

Lunch was rated as very good with attentive and friendly staff who made sure our needs were met. 

ďI saw all those MGs leaving as I came in for my shift and wondered what was happening.Ē

The committee wasnít quorate. Two members broke down on the way to the run.

From the side of the road, they posted a picture of their car being recovered on the Club Facebook site.

Two more members had booked their car in ages ago for special treatment miles away.

Another couple was on family duty, and we hope the borders will still be open to let our Treasurer and his wife back into the country.

We panicked when another new member and his wife greeted us. They had come in two cars, so they could do the run

together then have lunch and dog sit separately. Another member brought her daughter (in dadís car?).

They must have been good at following instructions. They got back safely but didnít stay for lunch.

One member visited his birthplace while another couple went off route to avoid where they used to live.

Some confusion when a couple followed the route part way, stopping to enjoy the views before making their own way elsewhere.

Coming just for lunch was beaten only by coming for coffee and lunch and staying in the bar all morning!

We had planned a figure of eight run, taking in some Pennine views, villages and mills.

Fascinating reports of experiences! We must be wrong - there are cobbles!

I didnít dare to look down out of my window. The bus hid the traffic lights on a narrow stretch with roadworks so we just followed.

We added a few miles by turning left instead of right. I grew up round here, recognised several pubs but not the roads they were on.

Your Chair ended up in Thornton again because he refused to follow his own instructions Ė his third route back!!

Itís your club. We were relieved that our first run worked  - and everyone could do just that they wanted.