March 2021


Club News

We hope you are well and looking forward to the lifting of Covid restrictions and the Club can hopefully return to some form of normality


This is an extract from the March Distributor 2001

Because of the current situation with ‘Foot & Mouth’ disease in the country we have taken the decision to change

the run on the 18th March to a more urban setting. The meeting place is still the same but we will proceed for 

coffee and then on to The Armouries in Leeds. The day will be rounded up with a Sunday lunch booked locally.

The Start-Up Run will also take on an urban setting. Alan Harper is busy rethinking his plans as I type.


Let us hope that it is at least another 20 years before we have another disruption.


Members are still meeting on Zoom for a social chat every other Wednesday. Anybody is welcome to join.

Victor would be happy to help if you are struggling. 

Next  meetings      17th March   31st March  14th April


Diary dates for 2021 -     25th July - Ripon Classic Car Gala

                                      1st August - Yorkshire Pudding Run

                                       8th August - Harrogate MG 2021

                                      22nd August - Burley in Wharfedale show - cancelled


We have already made plans for a new picnic run for when restrictions are lifted.

There is always the option of returning to Middleham Gallops or to Masham.

Hopefully there will be more opportunities, any suggestions will be welcome.



 Harrogate MG 2021

Plans for the show to go ahead on August 8th are progressing and we will keep you       

informed of just what is planned further to last month's information.

Rest assured the show will only go ahead if we consider it safe to do so.


Census 2021 - Don't forget to fill in your census form for March 21st, unfortunately you have to own up to how many cars you own.


Maureen thinks you should tax your brains.



It has now been a year since we had a meeting at Oatlands, I offer you a perspective on the past twelve months:

·        You used to be advised to be positive now it's the last thing you want

·        Old folk are sneaking out of the house, kids are yelling at them to stay indoors

·        Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands?

·        The comment "I wouldn't touch him with a 6ft barge pole" has become a national policy

·        You hope the weather is good tomorrow for your trip out to the bins.

·        You never in a million years imagined going into a bank with a mask on and asking for money