March 2019

Club Run - The Mill, Otley

“Otley is more than just a place to drive through getting stuck at the lights!!”

One of the comments made after the pick and mix “walk” round Otley on February 17th.

About 30 of us met for a really good cup of coffee at Otley Courthouse.

A volunteer gave an interesting introduction in what is left of the Magistrates’ Court.

She then gave us time to walk round the building and experience the cells.

Filming Heartbeat has now been replaced by a lively community facility with lots of activities covering many interests.

Hazel Goulden took a large group for an interesting well researched walk round Otley.

Roger attempted a short talk and walk. The rest just enjoyed Otley.

Not sure how many dozed in their cars while waiting for lunch at The Mill….Really good with an interesting menu.

Birthday party for some and a family visit (without lunch!) for others.  We almost filled the restaurant.

Perhaps if we ate even later next time, we could fill the restaurant and park even more interesting cars

next to the river in what was once a worsted mill.

Roger and Hazel



22nd March is the last date for menu choices for the start up run.

Burley in Wharfedale show is now open for booking, we will be having a club stand.

Check their web-site for a form. Need to book early.

1st May is the deadline for Himalayan Gardens payment.