July 2018



Rainton Market.

We were parked this year on the village green in the middle of everything and we spent a pleasant few hours

discussing cars and MGs in particular with passers by. Members went home with a plethora of plants and cakes

bought from the various stalls. We had a mixture of cars on display and were joined by other marques and cars from local people.


 IMG_1369.JPG (3121641 bytes)

Club Night

Mike McElhinney gave us an interesting insight into the role of an F1 scutineer in Bahrain.

He had worked with most of the teams over the years and his talk was illustrated with some good photos

and just a little name dropping. Members showed a wide level of knowledge and posed some interesting questions.


Hollins Hall

Members had a good day again for this Sunday lunch. The food was declared to be even better than last year.


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A thank you to all our members who have sent cards, texts ,emails and phone calls wishing me a speedy recovery  Much obliged. 
Ps I am doing nicely walking with just one stick up and down our road and without any pain brilliant!! 

Sue Abbott.