February 2020


Congratulations to George Grayson on becoming our new Chairman and to Val Illingworth our new secretary.

We also welcome Phillip Knight as a new committee member. Thanks to Roger Goulden who stood down as chairman

but remains on committee and to Hazel Goulden for her role as secretary last year.


Club Run - Lunch at Dower House

40 members enjoyed this venue again. It is proving to be a popular day out after Christmas.


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It was mentioned that the minutes of the EGM should have been distributed at the AGM.

This was an oversight and they are available to anyone who requests them. Talk to George.


April club night is to be a talk on antiques. You may like to bring items of interest for a possible valuation.


On a sadder note, we have been informed that Joyce and her husband from ‘Hearing Dogs’ were tragically

killed in a road accident at the end of last year. Members will remember them from the show and their visits to the club.