MGB GT Chrome bumper







We bought LPA30K in November 2011 in Sheffield on Ebay.

She was built in 1972 - the year Sue and I were married. We bought her as a fortieth wedding present to each other and as she is red - she has to be called Ruby!

Extensive work had been done in the mid 1990s with various new welded panels, rebuilt engine and refitted interior. She had done about 25k miles since then when we bought her.

Peter Snowden in Harrogate did a thorough underseal job and fitted a new steering rack. Since then all work on the car has done by me, sometimes working with my friend Phil who is also a bit of a car nut. (We are just about to start on a rebuild of his 1964 Land Rover.)

We took the engine out to replace crankshaft oil seals and clean and paint it. At the same time we refurbished the engine compartment, fitted a new clutch and replaced seals in brake and clutch master cylinders. Since then I have fitted a new brake servo, rear brake wheel cylinders and shoes, front callipers slotted discs and green-stuff pads, wiper motor, air horns, 12v battery, electronic ignition, K&N air filters, new tailgate seals, overdrive indicator LED and a new fuse block (after electrical failure on a club run!)

Last winter we took out the rear axle to fit new springs and bushes and to fit Gaz telescopic shock absorbers. Of course it was all painted up before going back. The job for next winter will be the front suspension with new bushes, springs and Gaz shock absorbers.

Future jobs I plan to do include fitting an electronic fuel pump and an electric fan.

We enjoy motoring in the Yorkshire Dales and particularly when joining with friends in the Harrogate MG Club. We especially enjoy our warm GT when others are freezing in their roadsters! The furthest we have ventured so far is Blenheim for the washout 50th anniversary event but as we are both about to retire from working (July 2013) maybe well start looking further afield!