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Harrogate MG

& Classic Car Club



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Concours/Condition  Event

Held on Sunday 7th August 2022, pre-entry of £10.00 includes admission to the show for up to two people.

Please complete an application form and send it to Brian Perry with your entry fee stating Concours or Condition and the class you wish to enter.



Classes will be as follows (subject to the number of entries on the day) for both Concours and Condition.


PRE-1940 MG                                       ALL ‘T’ TYPES                                     MG YA and YB                                     MG ZA, ZB & FARINA MODELS Concours only 
MGA - All models Concours only
MGB CHROME BUMPER                 MGB RUBBER BUMPER                  MGB V8 & COSTELLO   Concours & Condition
MGB GT CHROME BUMPER           MGB GT RUBBER BUMPER            MGB GT V8 Concours & Condition
MGC and MGC GT Concours & Condition
MG 1100 / 1300                            METRO, MAESTRO and MONTEGO Concours & Condition
MODERN MGs SPORTS Concours only
MODERN MGs SALOONS Concours only
PREMIER CLASS Concours & Condition

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Concours D’Elegance


Much has been made in the past about what the rules should be and indeed who should set them!

Judging is also a very delicate area with some judges spending 30 minutes on a car – others not even opening the door.

We as a club try to offer a fair and balanced judging by using our own very experienced judges supported by judges from other organisations.


We respect the fact that many competitors have travelled long distances and spent a lot of time in preparation of their cars.

Our rules are printed and circulated – every competitor has a copy so there is no doubt or confusion.

Our judges will check and inspect all items on the car. As in previous years we shall be organising both Condition and Concours competitions.

For those who aren’t sure of the difference, a basic definition is:



As the car left the factory. No modifications are allowed to the body, interior or mechanics – no extra chrome or special equipment.

However marks will not be deducted for alarms, fire extinguishers or stainless steel exhausts.



As the owner wishes to present the car – the overall condition is what is judged.



Premier Class is for those cars that won while in Concours or Condition.

If after two years the car has not won in this class it will be moved to Concours/Condition Class


Master Class is for those cars that won while in Premier Class.

If after two years the car has not won in this class it will be moved to Premier Class



Vehicles must be driven onto the showground


It is important for all entrants to be with their cars during judging. 

Judging cannot be completed without the owner present.


Please note that all MGs must be at least 12 months old.


Marks will be awarded in both Concours and Condition classes as follows: -



Bodywork & chrome             40 max

Engine compartment              35

Boot compartment                 20

Interior                                  30

Wheels & wheel arches          20

Underside of vehicle              20

Presentation                          10

TOTAL                               175


To obtain a 1st in class trophy the car must obtain 126 points (72%)

To obtain a 2nd in class trophy the car must obtain 105 points (60%)



Our thanks go to the judges for judging at our show and to the MGOC for sponsoring the trophies.


Judging to commence at 11.30 am           Winners will be declared at 4.30pm




As usual we will also present a trophy for:


Car of the Show



A panel of judges will decide the Car of the Show.



Brian Perry – Concours Manager