This car started as a 1978 rubber bumper 1800 roadster painted cinnibar.

In 1992 the car was registered to Ken Costello who was the racer and engine builder who first put a Rover V8 into and produced  MGB V8'S for sale in the early 70'S.

The car was converted to V8 using a 3.9 litre, fuel injected, Range Rover engine. The plenum box and air intake are unique to the car so that they fit under a standard MGB bonnet. The car remained registered to Ken Costello until 1997 when it was sold to T.V.R. Engineering of Blackpool who used it for gearbox assessment.

When bought by ourselves in 2002 the engine had been developed to 250 b.h.p. and a Borg Warner T5 gear box ( from the T.V.R. Tuscan race car) had been fitted.

The car has a T.V.R. gear lever and knob. The suspension, braking and rear axle are MGB V8 items as produced for the factory cars.

The car is extremely fast in a straight line, with terrific acceleration but pure 1978 driving into corners.

It is now used for touring and showing and has been brought back to the 1992 condition.